Why IcareLabs?

IcareLabs is different. If you’re an Eye Care Professional, you hear that a lot. Everyone says their lab can save you money on your monthly lab bill.

Well, we’d like to actually show you how we can save you money.

Here are some of the factors that keep our customers happy and save our them money:


With IcareLabs, you’ll always get our best price from the get go. There are a number of labs that have a reputation for playing games with their price lists. Special accounts have special price lists, maybe because of size or status. We do not have multiple price lists or unexpected fees. You won’t have to constantly be looking over your monthly lab bill for unwanted surprises.


Our high-tech production process gives us the ability to produce lenses at a much lower price. Since 1968, we’ve invested heavily into automation and state-of-the-art equipment in our lens lab and AR lab. Our management comes from an engineering and computer-science background. They are constantly tweaking and improving our processes looking for better, more-efficient ways to produce quality lenses. Our lab is highly automated with the latest equipment. Full redundancy protects our customers if anything should break down.


One of the biggest factors in saving our customers money is the fact that we do not have an outside sales staff. We eliminate costly travel expenses and high salaries of salespeople that would normally visit your practice each month to tell you about our latest promotions. Instead, all our communication takes place via telephone, mail, and email. We have some of the best account managers in the business (some of which have been with us 25 years or more), and they’re available via chat, phone or email during operating hours. We’d rather offer low prices than pay outside sales people to interrupt you and your busy staff.


Save money with Customized Shipping from IcareLabs
Watch a short video about Customized Shipping from IcareLabs

We’ve negotiated great shipping rates and we pass the savings along to our customers. We have happy customers all over the nation – as far as Hawaii. We’ve developed a sophisticated shipping program that can save money and provide a tailor-made plan for your practice. Be careful when a lab advertises cheap lens prices, but charges a per-job fee for “shipping and handling.” At IcareLabs, we do not charge per job. “Customized Shipping” means that you can work with your account manager to come up with a program that ships when you want, how you want and by what service. For example, if you send us a fairly steady stream of jobs, we can send a box out every day. You can choose ground, overnight or 2nd day. If you prefer, we can ship to you only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Or, you can tell us to ship you a box when there are 15 jobs ready. If you’re really creative we can send you a box every Monday via overnight, and another box on Wednesday via 2nd day – but only if the box has at least 10 jobs. And, you can always call us if there’s a job or two that need overnight delivery. Call and let us discuss shipping ideas.



Another way we save money is by reducing human error wherever possible. Our customers input their orders into our easy-to-use online order-entry system. This eliminates the possibility that our reps will mistype your orders. Plus, our system allows you to track your orders through our lab, from order-entry to shipping. You can log in 24 hours a day and check on your orders’ status. Once you’ve input your order, we’ve engineered our lab to reduce human error as well. With highly complex conveyor systems and laser-scanned checkpoints all along the way, your jobs have the fewest number of human touches necessary. When you get your lenses back the first time, on time, your customers are happy and you save time and money in the process.

We pass these savings on to you, our customer, giving you the lowest prices in the country. Enjoy a significant savings on your monthly lab bill!

It’s more than just great prices!

Family operated since 1968. We understand your needs as an independent ECP and we care about every step of production, ensuring reliable quality products.

Leading Distributor Lab. We carry all major brands, offering the widest lens and Anti-Reflective (AR) selections for your patient’s needs. We have one of the largest selections of In-House AR Coatings, including Crizal.

Latest Technology. We produce the highest quality digital and traditional lenses, with our state-of-the-art, newly expanded surfacing and finishing lab. This allows us to control quality and offer our customers fast turnaround.

Easy on-line ordering 24×7. Our simple myicarelabs.com online order system allows our customers to track their jobs from order to door.

Outstanding Customer Service. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service account managers are the reason many of our customers have been with us for so many years.