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AR Coatings

 AR CoatingsIcareLabs AR Laboratory


Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings are a great way to protect your patients’ investment and a great way to increase patient satisfaction.

AR Coatings are done quickly and efficiently from our in-house AR Coating lab at IcareLabs. We recently invested heavily in an upgrade in the size and technology in our AR clean room. This update gave us redundancy and improved the coating options we offer.

The AR Coating products we offer include:

  • Crizal® Easy UV
  • Crizal Alize® UV
  • Crizal® Avancé UV
  • Crizal® PreVencia™
  • Crizal Sunshield® UV
  • Xperio UV™
  • Hoya Super HiVision
  • Standard AR+ (House brand)
  • ICE AR (House brand)
  • KODAK Clean ‘n’ CleAR
  • UV Filter
  • Scratch Coating